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The Società dalmata di storia patria (Dalmatian society dealing with homeland history) was founded in 1926 in Zara, then an Italian town, in order to study the centuries-old Italian culture of Dalmatia, it is now seated in Rome and is among the deputations and societies of homeland history acknowledged by the Giunta storica nazionale (that is, the Central Committee for historical studies); its review is "Atti e memorie della società dalmata di storia patria" (Acta and Memories of the Dalmatian society dealing with homeland history).

Above: the Society seale. It shows a medallion/symbol, whose centre is decorated with the Dalmatian bearings depicted inside a XIII century shield surmounted by the royal crown.
The outer ring is decorated with a motive inspired by a rose window in the Basilica of Saint Francis, in Assisi. It was designed by prof. E. Gilberti, from Zara, in 1926.
In the upper banner: Venice, Venezia Giulia and Dalmatia (Giacomo Cantelli da Vignola, L'Italia con le sue poste e strade principali, Roma 1695) (Italy with its main postal services and roads, 1695).

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