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The results

In this work Stato da mar (including Istria) was divided into five macro-areas:

Venetian Istria

Trieste region, Eastern Friuli, Carsia, county of Istria, Fiume

Venetian Dalmatia

Venetian Albania

Venetian Levant

The area “Geographical areas” (main menu, on the left) is the starting point of all searches. Click on the map or on the list to open the link and reach the different levels of the chapter.

Each chapter contains:

• Historical-geographical-administrative organization

• Provincial or temporary Venetian magistratures


• Other administrative organizations, if any.

All links go to the related sublevel.

The sublevel contains:

• a description of authorities and aims of over-rectorial magistratures, or historical-geographical-administrative organization of the Rettorato, Statuto and Atto di dedizione of the town (if any)

• chronology of Venetian magistrates in the Rettorato, where names can be clicked to reach the sublevel.

The sublevels contains the chronological list of the Venetian patricians who held such a position.

Some of the names are provided with an icon referring to the relevant texts: commissioni, dispacci, relazioni.

On top of every level, a link allows to reach upper levels with a click. 

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